Our community Cycle was born out of personal stories and experiences and works with the goal of breaking taboos. With the help of experts and people with actual experiences we try to spread awareness and information about all issues surrounding body, mind and sexuality - with a little sprinkle of Dutch directness, of course. We want to support you from menstruation to menopause, to help you feel more confident in your skin and sure of the choices that fit you best. We try to be the big sister or shamelessly honest friend for you, who you can trust to give it to you straight. We’ve been there, done that. No topic is off the table. We’ll give you the advice, experience and tools you really need. Forget Google! With the help of our forum we can connect with each other and create a safe space to share stories, experiences and love for ourselves and our bodies. We struggle with the same insecurities, questions and needs and are often too embarrassed to ask them. It’s time to take ourselves seriously! Our sisterhood consists of (medical) experts and anyone who wants to share their experiences. That includes you! We invite you to read, share and learn with the help of our informative, but fun articles, honest stories and inspiring webinars. We offer products made with love for the female body. High quality products with stylish designs that make you feel good and confident in your own skin. All products Cycle chooses to support are carefully selected by women, with their own and your body in mind. Feminine care is allowed to look stylish while also being of high quality and trustworthy. It goes without saying that we always test our care and pleasure products ourselves before advising anyone to use it. We’re in this together!


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  • steph s

    Been telling all my female friends about Cycle: hormonal help for menopause, pregnancy, and everything in between! Visiting their stunning office on Keizersgracht was a joy and now all ready to start my (long overdue) kegel training :-)

    steph sSeptember 2021

  • MP

    Great communication and amazing cream! Thanks a lot!

    Monika PSeptember 2021