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Hello, I'm Monika P

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ca. 16268 liters

of water

ca. 484 kg CO2e


Reviews (12)

  • Wai-Mon L

    Easy and friendly communication! Happy swapping :)

    Wai-Mon LMay 2022

  • Nature Bar

    Good communications

    Nature Bar May 2022

  • Maiko B

    It was such fun swapping with Monika🤩 Easy and friendly communication and everything was arranged quickly. Perfect swap💚 My thanks also goes to Simone and Hartje Oost for providing us a drop off/pickup point!

    Maiko BFebruary 2022

  • Kathryn S

    Monika was so quick to respond and pick up the item I swapped. And such a pleasant person! I would recommend swapping with Monika any time!

    Kathryn SJanuary 2022

  • Nadia G

    Really great swapping experience!

    Nadia GJanuary 2022

  • Diana K

    Very nice hoodie! Adding my hoodie collection after the swap with you, love it! Thanks again and again Monika ;)

    Diana KDecember 2021

  • Diana K

    Simple black sweater for all occasions, lovely! Thanks for the swap :)

    Diana KDecember 2021

  • Diana K

    Thanks again for the swap! Was doubting a bit about the size, but it fits me perfectly. Thank you!

    Diana KDecember 2021

  • Diana K

    Very nice colourful scarf! It will be my favourite now, for sure! Thanks Monika!

    Diana KDecember 2021

  • Wild Poppies

    Monika is a lovely person to swap with. A quick response and nice conversation.

    Wild Poppies December 2021

  • Cycle

    A nice contact, very quick and positive!

    Cycle September 2021

  • Nilofer C

    Thank you for the beautiful dress!

    Nilofer CAugust 2021