Terms of Service

Last updated: November 8, 2021

1. Who we are

We are swap-studio. We are a company that aims to build a community of people that care about our planet and its resources. We offer a platform through which you, as a member, can swap your items for kudos. With your kudos you can obtain other members’ items. We trust our members and that our members want to share items with good quality through the website and require our members to comply with these conditions and our policies as set out on the website. In doing so we facility each other to share their goods and save our planet from unnecessary waste.

2. How a swap works

Items can be swapped for the amount of kudos as indicated on the website. If a member wants to obtain an item for the amount of kudos displayed, he or she can send a message through the website to the member that displayed the item. If the member accepts the swap, the members shall determine how the items shall be delivered. The receiving member shall pay the delivery costs to the providing member. When both members have confirmed the swap through the website, i.e. receipt of the items and payment for delivery costs, the kudos will be swapped between the members.

3. Placing items on the website

As a member you can post items on the website in the categories selected by us. You can upload the items via the procedure explained on the website.
You can indicate the amount of kudos you intend to attribute to an item. We determine the amount of kudos attributed to an item once submitted to the website. The amounts of kudos cannot be disputed. You may always take an item off the website, unless you have already agreed to a swap in respect of that item

4. Parties to a swap

Only the members that exchange items for kudos are parties to a swap. Members that have agreed to a swap, accept the exchange of kudos and the exchange of the item as it will be provided and delivered.
We have no role in a transaction and take no responsibility for the items that are exchanged or the quality or delivery of an item. We do not deliver goods or a service ourselves, but provide a platform through which members can agree on a swap.

5. Membership of swap-studio

swap-studio is for members only. As a member you can invite other persons to become a member. You become a member by signing up through our website and our acceptance of your registration.
We have full discretion in accepting your registration. You can deregister at any time with one month notice.
We can suspend and/or terminate your membership at any time, if we take the view that you have acted in breach with our policies or desired code of conduct.

6. Kudos

A swap is an exchange of an item for a number of kudos. There is no money trasferred between members in a swap. We are not an online reseller. Kudos cannot and shall in no event be exchanged for money. At the moment you become a verified member, you will be awarded a number of kudos. We shall determine this number at our full discretion. We can also award kudos to you in return for any activity or service as explained on our website and as determined by us in our full discretion.
Kudos shall expire if they are not used during a certain period of time, as explained on our website.
We determine when a swap is considered complete and when kudos shall be transferred between the members involved.

7. Quality of the items on the website

We strive to ascertain a sound level of quality of items placed on our website. Items shall be in line with the guidelines and policies as set out on our website, which we may upload from time to time.
We curate the items to be displaced, meaning that we can reject items that we consider not to comply with our policies and/or which we consider, at our sole discretion, not to be fit for our website.
We can at all time take items off the website.
Placing items on our website that would conflict with laws, rules or regulations, let alone illegal or prohibited items is of course prohibited.

8. No liability

We accept no liability for our service, for items displayed or swapped through our website, for the delivery of these items, for loss or theft of items in the delivery process and/or for any deficiency, malfunction or damage caused by items swapped.

9. Costs of membership

Membership to swap-studio is via a Verfied subscription as explained on the website. Verified members can then give and take from each other in exchange for kudos. You can also swap products from our premium partners by upgrading to an Unlimited subscription via your Account Settings. Both subscriptions are a monthly or annual fee. This fee will be communicated to you through the website, before being charged.

10. Privacy statement

Refer to our Privacy Policy.

11. Applicability of terms

These terms apply to our relationship and the use of our website. By registering to our website, you accept the applicability of these terms. These terms may be adjusted by us at all times. Adjusted terms shall apply after one month from the date on which we placed the new terms on our website.
We can publish and amend guidelines and policies on our website regarding the use of our website, the kudos and the items that may be placed on the website. These guidelines and policies apply to our website and shall be adhered to by our members when using our website. Netherlands law applies to these terms and the use of our website.