Our Mission

At swap-studio, our mission is to elevate the status of reuse as a lifestyle choice.

99% of the stuff we buy is thrown away within 6 months. 73% will be burned or buried in landfill. The majority of clothing collected cannot be recycled and less than 1% of what is collected will be used to make new clothing. In addition to this, millions of tons of furniture and furnishings are thrown out each year in the Netherlands alone.

If we can lengthen the life of just 1-5 garments in Europe by 10%, we will cut 3 million tonnes of CO2, save 150 million litres of water and divert 6.4 million tonnes of clothing from landfill. The savings for furnishings and household items are even higher due to the greater resources that go into producting them.

Join our community of conscious consumers who want to be part of something bigger!