How swap-studio works

How it works

Do you have something you’re not using or wearing? Swap it. Were you given a gift that’s not quite ‘you’? Swap it.

Does that item no longer fit? Swap it.

Browse our curated collection and find something you like. Upload the things you no-longer need and swap them for things you do. Whether you are doing your spring clean or just need a change, swap- studio can help.

Once approved as a verified member, you’ll be able to swap as much as you like using our community currency called kudos.

How a swap works

Items are approved and listed by members at an agreed amount of kudos. When a buyer finds an item they like, they send a message through the website to the owner of the item. If the owner accepts the swap, the members agree delivery terms. When the swap is completed and the order status is updated to complete, the kudos will be transferred between the members.

How does shipping work?

Swapping your goods is a great way to get to know your neighbours. 90% of the swaps completed are exchanged in person. For members who don’t live close by, shipping should be arranged by the member who is giving the item and paid by the person receiving the items.

Read our Terms or Service for more details.