What can you expect?

The collection on swap-studio is curated. This means we individually vet each item that is posted to ensure it meets our quality standards.

Most items are posted from our members closets, but we also feature a growing number of new or not-quite-perfect products from our zero waste partnership program. 

Freshly-laundered, gently-used clothing and accessories for men, woman and kids and household goods that are still in good condition are all welcome.

We accept most brands, just make sure you follow our photo guide for fashion and living to ensure your images meet our community requirements.

Clothing should be free from stains, tears/rips/holes, missing/broken parts and alterations. All defects must be shown in photographs/ listed in product listing All items must be free from odours, pilling, fading, stretching. Sometimes we see garments that are totally wearable, or receive stock from our partners that have minor imperfections. Whether it's a tiny snag, a faint stain or a missing button, at our discretion, we may accept a garment. We only accept items that are absolutely wearable, so don't be afraid to upload something that is imperfect! Specific details about the flaw should be clearly mentioned in the product listing. (Sometimes these flaws are too small to be visible in the product photos).

We accept items that are missing its tags. If it's in good condition, go ahead and list it.  Make sure that all items are clean, intact and presentable. Please iron or steam if needed. 

What brands are allowed?

We accept most brands, but prefer to steer away from brands or companies that are known to support unfair labour or unethical business practices.

What don't you accept?

Items must be free from stains, tears/rips/holes, odours, pilling, fading, stretching, missing/broken parts, signs of pests (moths). We also won’t accept fake goods and individual CDs or DVDs.

In addition, we do not accept items in the following categories:

Copies and fakes

Any goods that are copies of brands, replicas, smuggled goods or counterfeits (e.g. branded items, media articles) are patent infringements and will not be showcased on swap-studio.

Items that glorify violence or are discriminatory

Offensive items that glorify violence or discriminate or attack people because of gender, ethnic background, nationality, skin color, language, beliefs, sexual, religious, or political orientations.

Pornographic content 

Objects with pornographic or soft-pornographic content.

Fur and items made from endangered animals

Any products that are made with the fur or other parts of protected animals or endangered wildlife.

Religious items

Religious articles, blessed products or items that clearly advertise a specific religion.

Unethical brands

Brands that are known for human rights violations, or sourcing garments from factories where workers are subjected to modern slavery conditions.