About Us

I am just trying to save the world, one sequin at a time - Lady Gaga

swap-studio started as a dream. We had spent years climbing the corporate ladder at big tech, fashion companies and startups; only to be disappointed by the lack of diversity and female representation in key decision-making circles. How can the technology of tomorrow be built without us in the driver's seat? How can we create regenerative businesses that solve the biggest challenges of today, without focusing on people and purpose first, before growth and profit? Our role in this is not a choice, it is a right.

Women make majority of the consumer decision in the household. And it is consumerism that has resulted in our throw-away culture and the vast amounts of waste that plague the planet today. So it is up to us, women, to change that. Technology provides the opportunity to effect change on a scale previously thought impossible. It is a blessing and a curse. But in the hands of purpose-driven women, with enough empathy for the planet and tenacity to challenge the status-quo; it can be a catalyst to change our future - one swap at a time.

With love,
Niloo, Kathryn, Roos and Simone