Can I buy kudos?

Kudos cannot be exchanged for money but there are many ways you can earn kudos when you join our community.

How can I accrue kudos?

We give bonus kudos to new members for signing up and uploading their first products, so you can start swapping right away.

As long as you remain an active member of swap-studio, you will continue to earn kudos. Pay-as-you-go members earn 5 kudos each month, and Unlimited subscription members earn 10 kudos each month.

Other ways you can accrue kudos is by:

  • Uploading the great things you no longer need or want. You get 15 bonus kudos for uploading your first 3 items.
  • Successfully swapping your posted items.
  • Inviting friends to the swap-studio platform - you will both get 5 bonus kudos once they register. Up to a maximum of 100 kudos. Invite now.
  • Become a Swap Coach or join as an Affiliate.

How many kudos is my item worth?

The following guide can help you to indicate how many kudos to ask for in return for your items:
  • 5 kudos: T-shirts, summer tops, small fashion accessories
  • 10 kudos: Long sleeve or dress tops, pants, skirts, summer dresses, small vases, decorations
  • 15 kudos: Jeans, knitted sweaters, sneakers, jackets, cushions, lamps
  • 20 kudos: Higher quality items like merino wool, silk, leather and furniture
  • 25 kudos: Coats, high quality boots and upmarket brands
  • 30-50 kudos: Vintage, luxury brands or high quality furniture

Why aren’t my photos approved?

Make sure you follow our photo guide for fashion and living to ensure your images meet our community requirements.

What if the item I swapped doesn't fit?

If you don't love the item you received or it doesn't quite fit right, email us at hello@swap-studio.com. We'll refund 100% of your kudos and upload the item back onto your profile for someone else to take from you!

Does swap-studio provide insurance?

As majority of swaps happen within local communities, the members are in control of the exchange. Remember, if the item you swap doeesn't bring you joy, you can always post it back to swap-studio for another member to re-home. That's the beauty of swapping!

In which countries do you operate?

We currently only operate in the Netherlands. By 2022 we hope to expand into Belgium, Germany and the UK. Watch this space for updates.

Do you provide shipping labels?

At this time the majority of our swaps happen within local communities. As the number of items being shipped increases, we will review our shipping policy.

How will I receive notifications from swap-studio?

You will receive an email once you sign up as a Verified or Unlimited member. Check your junk mail or promotions folder for the emails and save swap-studio as a safe contact to ensure our messages land in your inbox. You will receive both SMS and email notifications when someone requests an item from you. You will continue to be notified via email when someone replies to your request and all other stages of the transaction process.